About Us

MOOR /mo͝or/
An ancient word used to describe melanated people all over the world that predates the terms “black” or “African.”

A Moor's Collection is designed for women who love shoe trends but hates having a shoe twin every time she steps out. We aim to bring you noteworthy styles that are bold and stylish. Your walk makes a statement before you speak and we want to encourage women like you to unapologetically embrace their unique sense of style with confidence.

A Moors Collection also promises to offer our Beauty's Exclusive Affordable Luxury by:
● Offering styles that are trendy with a twist to keep our MoorBeauty's exclusive;
● Consistently sourcing quality crowns at the best rates and passing our savings down to our MoorBeauty's;
● Packaging every crown satin dust bags with custom packaging fitted for the empress you are!

 Crown your soles & walk with confidence!